Film Festival Summit, Las Vegas

For those of you who are just dying to meet me (all two of you), I have been invited to speak at the 2007 International Film Festival Summit in Las Vegas this December, as a result of the great success of the Oxford International Film Festival, which I founded last year. For those of you who don’t know what this is, the International Film Festival Summit is basically THE trade-show and event for the Film Festival industry world-wide. Which is kind-of funny when you think about it… a festival for festival producers. Anyhow, I will be speaking (along with by brother-in-arms Stephen Murray) about “Creating an Adaptable Film Festival for the Modern Population” or at least that’s what they’ve chosen to call it. I personally think that this title better suits the topic “Re-Inventing Your Film Festival for the Modern Population”. Either way, I’ll basically be chatting about how to make a film festival unique and appealing to festival-goers from year to year, focusing on tailoring the event to the regional population. Now, if that doesn’t sound interesting to you, I don’t know what will (a bit of sarcasm there). Anyways, this little workshop is for festival planners, not really the general public, so to them, it might be a bit more useful. Oh, and I should probably correct myself about that opening comment to both of my fans. You probably won’t actually be able to get tickets to the event unless you happen to work for a film festival, this shindig isn’t exactly open to the general public, but I know that if you’re dedicated enough, you’ll find a way, after all, tickets are only like $1000 a pop. However you manage to sneak in, the event runs December 2-4 at the Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort, though I’ll be there the entire time, I’m scheduled to speak at 1:30pm on Tuesday, December 4th. So come check it out! For more information about the event, click on the link below. That’s it for now… have a nice lunch!Web Link:

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