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New Programs!

After a few months (if not year) in development, you can now see the newly improved and updated website www.miamifilmassociation.com which also has about a half-dozen new programs listed! Just a few new offerings include… “Cinema Weekly” a weekly indie-film screening program starting in September, “Production Log” a new online database of films in production regionally, “Film Camp” a new summer film program for High-School students, as well as new “Workshops”, new “Projection System” rentals and much, much more… so check it out!


I find myself sitting at home, with more to do than I can fathom, yet not really wanting to do much of anything at the moment. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got way too much on your mind. While I haven’t got much new information to mention (yet), I’m working towards the announcement of several large new projects and the launch of 3 new programs by 2009. While this is a less than simple state to be in, I am also still working through that little thing called a “Script” which seems to be taunting me every night, but do not fear! I taunt it right back! Either that, or I’m just losing my mind… but hey, there’s no prize without at least 5 years of hard work, right? That being said, I’ll be more than excited in the next few months when I am indeed able to begin announcing all of these projects, films, programs and dare I say festivals. Stay tuned, there will either be some VERY exciting news, or you’ll catch a really interesting glimpse of me going completely mad, either way it’s bound to be whole lot of fun!