’08 OIFF Special Guest Questions

Ok, I feel I should at least post a comment here since I’ve been getting a ridiculous amount of questions regarding who our special guests will be for the 2008 Oxford International Film Festival, and when we’re going to be announcing them. First off, yes, we will be having special celebrity guests, speakers, performers, workshop presenters, etc. But that’s about all I can tell you right now. We (that is, the OIFF staff and I) are in the middle of finalizing all the agreements and contracts with the guests, once those are set, you can be sure they will be announced and posted everywhere. For those of you nosy people, yes, we will be having several of the guests back from last year, in addition to almost a dozen more, including some fairly large musical guests and, of course, a couple celebrities I’m sure you’ll know by name. That’s about all I’m able to say right now. Keep checking www.oxfordfilms.com for updates (they will most likely be posted mid-February, after the holiday season -around the same time that our tickets will go on-sale, hint, hint), and I’ll be sure to post another blog-entry a bit earlier to give all you devoted festival-lovers a heads-up. All I ask is that you be patient for just a little bit longer. Thanks for your interest!

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