The End of All Sound

We have finally started the final production step for The End of All Things, which is that of Sound Design and Music Scoring. I’m delighted to say that my good friend and film composer Douglas Romayne, who produced the multiple award-winning score for my last film (Freedomland – as well as Buffy, Angel and many others) is returning to score EOAT. We had our first of many scoring discussions last week, and as always, I can’t wait to see what kind of new magic Douglas works with this picture. He is also truly a pleasure to work with, albeit long-distance (as I’m in Ohio, and he’s in Los Angeles). In addition to the score, I’ve also had my first of many sessions with my sound designer Chris Feran, who is also a great find, he’s been doing sound work for many years and has a wonderful ear when it comes to building a soundscape from a blank page. With that said, I’ll be working with the both of them on a regular basis over the next few weeks, as we’ve got a lot to accomplish in a short time, but I’m happy to say that we’re still right on-track for our April 12th world-premiere date. I’ll be sure to post a few more updates later as things progress and we get closer to the premiere.

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