When Will Things End?

Ok now, seriously, how many more ridiculous blog-post titles can I make up about “The End of All Things” movie? I don’t really know, but it’s fun and I’m on a role, so I guess I’ll just go with it. For those of you who have been keeping track of the progress of my last short-film “The End of All Things”, I’m happy to say we’re nearly there! The nearly-finished film screened as a work-in-progress at the oxford film fest just this past weekend and was extremely well received. The final score came in just the week before, (which was composed & conducted by multiple award-winner Douglas Romayne, and recorded/performed by members of the Hollywood Symphony a little over two weeks ago), and is just amazing to say it lightly. I’ll be sitting down with my sound designer once or twice more within the next couple weeks for the final mix-down, and the film will be completely “complete”. (There are “quote” marks around “complete” very intentionally, but if you’re a filmmaker, I’m sure you know how this goes). Even though we don’t have a “final” version of the film yet, I’ve already been approached several times about other potential festival screenings and presentations, so I’m quite excited to see where this film ends up going, as I know the 100+ cast and crew are also watching as intently as I am. I’m extremely happy with the way the film has come out, but as with all indie projects, it’s always a toss-up to see what will come of it. Either way, I will definitely be pursuing the festival route with this film, as it is truly a indie “festival film”, so it will be exciting to see what both audiences and critics alike have to say about “The End of All Things”. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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