Ladies and gents, I am now the proud papa of a new feature screenplay I’ve been working on for the better part of 4-years. I just completed the screenplay (literally hours ago) for a film I’ve been calling “Slipping Away”.  Now, the actual title has been changed, but for now I’ll just keep referring to the film as “Slipping Away” or SA for short just to keep things consistent. As for the process of completing this screenplay… I spent the better part of 4-days doing nothing but writing to pull off the final 60-pages of the script in time to meet a pressing deadline. This is a feat in itself since I’ve never written that many pages in such a short time as this and actually been so incredibly satisfied with the results. Now, to be fair, I’ve been mulling around the concept for this film for the last 4-years, so all the research, characters, and such we’re basically already in place, but it feels great to actually finally have it all down on paper (the first draft at least).  The next step from here will be bringing on another couple producers to help finance the film and manage the production now that there is a blueprint to work from. We’ll also be starting to contact potential lead cast and fill key crew positions, so when the financing clears, we’ll be ready to hit the ground running.  This will be a multi-million dollar production, so I’m excited to finally be kicking off the process. Ladies and gents, the fun starts here… so stay tuned for more info! I’ll be posting updates here as things get finalized.

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