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Hey guys… so, we’re starting the casting stage for the first of several feature projects here.  I’ve included below a copy of the Casting Call/Notice that is going out in the midwest right now, note that we’re only casting locally at this point, but will likely expand to a nation-wide call here in the next few weeks.



Los Angeles-based production company Star Com Productions, LLC is announcing an OPEN CAST CALL.

Star Com is looking for NEW FACES (preferably non-union), based in the greater Cincinnati/Tri-State area for their upcoming feature film “40 Miles” which will be filmed on location in Cincinnati, Ohio (and the surrounding region) this summer, and will be released nation-wide next year. Star Com is accepting SUBMISSIONS only at this time for Lead/Principle, Supporting, and Featured roles, if the casting team decides you may fit what the production is looking for you will be contacted with additional information and to schedule a formal audition. If you fit one of the roles below please E-Mail a CURRENT headshot and acting resume ONLY (with Measurements, Phone, E-Mail and current Permanent Address) to the e-mail address listed at the bottom of this notice – include in the SUBJECT line of your e-mail “40 Miles Casting – [Name of Role(s) Submitting For]”. Please do NOT submit if you do not specifically fit one or more of the roles listed below, and do not call in or physically mail any materials to us, due to the high volume of submissions we receive, any such inquiries will be ignored. This specific casting call is for residents of the Greater Cincinnati/Tri-State Region only, do not submit if you do not currently reside in this region, and/or cannot be in this region for a formal (in person) audition on short notice. **If you are based outside of this region (including LA/NY) DO NOT submit to this call! A national call will take place at a later date.** While prior acting experience is greatly appreciated, it is not required, however, a high level of professionalism is a must. All roles are paid standard rates.

–Project Details–
Title: “40 Miles”
Description: Current Day Post-Apocalyptic Thriller in the vein of “28 Days Later” (though this is not a zombie film)

(do not submit if you do not fit one of these descriptions)

JEN – 16-17, Female, Caucasian, slim, no taller than 5’10
LIAM – 35, Male, Caucasian or African American (IE Jeremy Renner or similar type look/build)
KAREN – 35-39, Female, Caucasian, Jen’s Mother (IE Jodie Foster, Jennifer Morrison or similar type look/build)

NATE – 28, Male, Caucasian or African American, Male Nurse
SAM – 25, Female, Caucasian, college-educated “Blond Bombshell”
JOSS – 32, Male, Caucasian, waiter at a classy restaurant
ED – 55, Male, Caucasian or African American, trade/office technician, not “fit”
JOEY – 24, Male, Any Ethnicity, slim, not muscular

RANDY – 17-19, Male, Caucasian, Jen’s Boyfriend (average build, no body-builders, no 22+ year-olds please)
LYN – 45-55, Female, Any Ethnicity
MAGGIE – 3, Female, Caucasian
CASSIE – 13, Female, Caucasian
TYLER – 10-11, Male, Caucasian
DARREN – 38-42, Male, Caucasian, Jen’s Father

If you fit one or more of the above roles please E-MAIL “CASTING@STARCOMPRODUCTIONS.NET” a current headshot and resume ONLY (with Measurements, Phone, E-Mail and current Permanent Address) – include in the SUBJECT line of your e-mail “40 Miles Casting – [Name of Role(s) Submitting For]”.

**Parents must submit on behalf of anyone under the age of 18**

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