Updates & More New Projects…

So, given the delay of “40 Miles” until next year (see my last post), it’s given me a couple extra months to develop a few new projects that I’ve had in mind for quite some time, and focus more on a few that I have been developing for more than a year, including one of my TV shows which I’ve been developing at a studio for about 10 months now, and has now been setup at a Beverly Hills based agency to be packaged and presented back to the networks here shortly.  Also, at the request of an exec at the same studio, I’ve begun writing two more pilots for two additional original scripted series.  I’m glad they’re excited, we’ll see where they go.

On the film front I also have several new developments.  I’ve begun taking several of my other projects to a couple A-Lister’s in town to see if there’s any interest/attachments that can be made to help fast-track one or more of them into production next year as well.  I’ve also begun developing two more feature screenplays, including an epic Sci-Fi gem, and a 1900’s period piece which caught my attention about a month ago that I’m getting really excited about.  Before I can really get started on those though I’m still working through “The Hotel” (my feature musical screenplay) which is getting ever closer to completion, but is still not quite there yet. I love to dabble in multiple stories/genres at once (switch back and forth) as it gives my brain a break from just being stuck in one “mode” for weeks or even months at a time from a writing perspective. So while I’m still very much writing “The Hotel” I’m also doing research on both my other projects in between writing spurts (well, and all my other daily responsibilities, such as producing other projects, running a company, paying the bills, you know, all those little details).

In addition to all that… I’ll also now be shooting a wonderful little short film of mine in December (in Cincinnati) titled “For Today”, with several of my same “40 Miles” cast/crew , which should just be a blast.  More on this in my next post.

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