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After learning of the delay to 40M I got a bit frustrated about not being able to direct a film this year (I’ve worked on some 30+ films/TV shows so far in 2010, but not directed any of them) that said, I decided to add another fun little short film to my docket this year, which I’ve titled “For Today”.  I wrote it in an afternoon, on a whim, (I also had some wonderful input in the revision stages, as often is the case, which made it even better) but I’m really proud of the potential this film has to turn some heads.

“For Today” will be a ten minute dramatic short film which chronicles a single moment in the relationship of two teenage girls in foster care, as one leaves in search of her biological sister.

I’m really excited to be working with a number of long-time friends (and a couple new friends) of mine on this little project, which I’ve dug-out some time in my schedule to shoot back in Cincinnati, Ohio, in December, when I return for the holidays.  What I really love about this film is how simple the story is, but at the same time how much can be said in a single look, one moment in time. In my mind, “For Today” is just one moment in the lifetime of two people with difficult pasts and unsure futures; a simple, yet realistic look at the struggles and a few rare joys of two very different teenagers who barely know each-other, but are forced to live together in an unfamiliar place. It shows their differences, their similarities, and their common longings for something more. “For Today” is a universal story that we all, on some level, can relate to, it’s a story about relationships, family and friendship and in the end, a story of hope.

I’m working with some familiar and new faces, the film stars Lili Reinhart as Rachel (she can also be seen in the upcoming feature “Lilith”, PBS’s new national series, “Scientastic”, and slated to star in “40 Miles”) and Charity Farrell as Laura (2010 CFF winner “Sunday Spin”).  The film is also Executive Produced by my awesome producing partner Michael Katchman (fmr Exec with Lionsgate, MGM).  There’s a new site setup for the film at: “For Today” is scheduled for completion in January, and will screen at film festivals around the country in 2011, followed by a Cable, DVD and web release shortly thereafter via Rivercoast Films Distribution.

We’re gearing up to shoot “For Today” in a few short weeks, so stay tuned for more updates!

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